A Diverse Cast will Fill the Screen with Action, Adventure and Suspense!

The Living Spacecraft, REFLECTION, is powered by the funk music of her crew “Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers”. This is a live action motion picture. The following are graphic depictions of what each character may resemble in the film. These images are copyright protected 2010, and we reserve all rights for reproduction.

The Funky Crew

STARFUNK (Graphic Depiction)

Ship’s Commander, Director of Funky Energy through Mastery of his Funk Synthesizing Celestial Cosmic Keyboards.

SHEDODAH (Graphic Depiction)

Second in Charge and Master of Ship’s Music and all Musical Instruments.

HARMONEE (Graphic Depiction)

Master of Funky Vocals and Harmonies, with His Three Vocal Chords Throat.

BOOP-BE-DEE-BOP (Graphic Depiction)

Master of Ship’s Funky Drums and all Percussion Instruments.

KOOL KAT (Graphic Depiction)

Master of “Freeze Funk” and the Funky Miolin.

ELECTROWATT (Graphic Depiction)

Master of the Funky Guitar.

THRUST (Graphic Depiction)

Master of the Funk Bass Guitar and Funky Bass Vocals.

SUGARMAN (Graphic Depiction)

Master of all Funky Horns & Leader of the Funkiest Horn Section.

SENDHER & MENDHER (Graphic Depiction)

Sendher is Master of the Funky Sexophone and Member of Sugarman’s Funkiest Horn Section. Mendher is Master of the Funky Trombone, Coronet & Flute. Member of Sugarman’s Funkiest Horn Section.

RAP MASTER (Graphic Depiction)

Master of the Funky Guitar and Spontaneous Rap Vocals.

Other Characters

KEEPER OF THE SOURCE (Graphic Depiction)

The one being in the universe born on the planet Ameris who knows how to interpret the light of “The Source”.


Speaker of the House For the United League of Galaxies” Emperor of the planet Zanifra.


Daughter of Emperor Epriam Zoogati, beloved Princess of the planet Zanifra.

MAJOR DISKORD (Graphic Depiction)

General in charge of the United League of Galaxies Million Spacecraft fleet.


Subordinate Commander to Major Diskord.


REFLECTION (Graphic Depiction)

The living spaceship that can reach speeds up to 86,000 miles per second when the Funk is just right!

Juanita Cole Towery is an extremely talented artist/illustrator who created the illustrations for the characters in Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers (SATAP). Juanita is an artist whose paintings have sold worldwide and she has illustrated three recently released B.R.I.T.E. B.R.A.T.S. children’s books:Good Words, Bad Words…Dont Say That!,Never Again Will We Bathe!, andJamal Has A Bully!

Visit her website to see her paintings: http://juanita-coletowery.squarespace.com/

Juanita Towery

Character Depictions Illustrator