This website is dedicated to aid in the funding of the motion picture project “Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers”. In 2017, Glenn Towery was an award winner at the Cannes Screenwriting Contest in Cannes, France in the Sci-Fi Space Fantasy genre. He was also a semifinalist at the 2017 Austin Revolution Film Festival in Austin, TX. The time is now to move this project to the next level! In addition to being a filmmaker, Glenn is also a Vietnam combat veteran and is currently the founder and chairman of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPChannel), a national internet channel created to assist our nation’s veterans and their family members on multiple levels in order to help prevent suicides. As you navigate this website keep in mind that my vision for this film is to offer something that every culture on earth can feel a part of and uplifted by as they party to that funky beat. Donate to help me fulfill my wildest dream. I want to walk into a theater one day and hear you and others cheer for “Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers”.
In 1997, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in filmmaking from Columbia College Hollywood where I graduated as valedictorian/magna cum laude. I have written, produced and directed award winning independent films, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), documentaries and music videos. However, my lifelong dream has been to produce a full length feature film entitled “Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers” that I’ve written and received awards for from both the Cannes Screenplay Contest in France and the Austin Revolution Film Festival in 2017. Over the years, my skills as a director, actor, writer and filmmaker, honed in Los Angeles, have prepared me to produce the project of my dreams. My desire is to produce a blockbuster motion picture featuring my favorite music of all time; FUNK. Please help me succeed in making this film that I know you’ll LOVE! There is no way I can accomplish this without your support.Thank you for your donation in advance! Glenn Towery

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