Do it for the FUNK of it!

There has never been a film in the history of the world that has shown FUNK culture in the universe displaying the FUNKS diverse spiritual, intellectual and musical concept and cross cultural point of view.

Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers is a movie that does that. It brings to life the legend and the mysterious cultural folktale that deals with the power of Funk inside the human person. Since the 1970’s these tales were intimated and suggested in staged Funk music concerts and Funk music videos. Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers has been written to bring those mystical tales and the mysterious funk legend to life on a motion picture screen near you soon.

Your donation to this project can make history. Your donation can help create the Stankest film of all-time!
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Fairy Godbrother Productions“Fairy God Brother Productions and Film Company” is not a nonprofit organization, but your donation will go towards creating a great motion picture in a genre here-to-fore never done by the people who love and created Funk Music.

Give generously whatever you can. THANK YOU for helping us create the STANKEST MOVIE in the You-Niverse.


Thank you for your consideration to share the FUNK with the world.
What do you get for donating your funky money? We have some gifts in mind that are STANKALICIOUS and memorable keepsakes of your historic giving to make this film come
funkilly alive in a theater near you soon some day soon. The most important thing that you will get is the opportunity to see a classic film.

Portions of the proceeds generated from Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers will go to the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel  (VSPChannel) to help raise awareness for veterans and their family members and prevent veteran suicide. Glenn Towery is the founder and chairman of the VSPchannel and it is his dream to help veterans when and wherever possible.


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